aesthetics and objectification

sometimes humans become emotional after hooking up with other beautiful humans because they feel the post-aesthetics emptiness so deeply. when we call one beautiful, we are projecting our idea or perception of beauty onto the other. beauty connects and evokes one’s emotions and thoughts. beauty invites empty attachments; without knowing one deeply, yet wanting to… Continue reading aesthetics and objectification

To Son from Another Mother

Listening to Jordan Peterson reminds me of you. I think he speaks to you and I, an over-consumed generation with lost responsibilities, commitment and ethics. Young people without a strong role model or family support can easily feel dehumanized in a capitalist-dominant society such as Hong Kong, where prices will always almost precede morals. Then,… Continue reading To Son from Another Mother

On Constitution of Sex

Separation of sex from love is the same as separation of church from state. The first amendment not only allows humans the freedom to have sex of their choice, but also prevents any social conventions or values from creating bias and shame. Consent is of top consideration in any sexual matters, followed by safety measures.… Continue reading On Constitution of Sex

On Playful Violence

Some of us like to get tied up by ropes, surrounded by strangers, privately. Some of us like to play with knives, submerged in innocence, childishly. There is a dark desire in the heavy air, yearning to be destructed by a power so almighty. It is only powerful because it is consensual. Some of us… Continue reading On Playful Violence

On Self-Judgment

Some of us are willing to pass judgment on just about anything, especially in domains in which they have zero knowledge. Some of us wake up from a momentary lack of awareness, and choose to acknowledge their zero knowledge, and become daring to know and to question, in the face of rejection and confusion. Some… Continue reading On Self-Judgment

On Polyamory

Some of us are hardwired to be attuned to the frequency offered by multiple channels. Some of us are switched on only by exclusivity and its subsequent most royal treatment. Some of us are damaged because they are not chosen as the only one. How many days are being wasted on lamenting over not being… Continue reading On Polyamory

On Moms

When moms decide to gather together, they will form one of the loudest voices ever known to mankind. Not one woman can exist before a woman decides to give. Not one man can speak before a woman decides to bear. All human lives came from mothers’ pain, the greatest, the most joyous kind of pain,… Continue reading On Moms