The Thing about a Forbidden Cop

[Movie feelings on Forbidden City Cop, a 1996 Hong Kong wuxia comedy film directed by Vincent Kok and Stephen Chow and starring Chow, Carina Lau, and Carman Lee, quoting Wikipedia.]

Desire is now being replaced by a predictable bowl of noodles, Fat observed. There is a maddening push and pull to preserve a heart that yearns for reinvention. His wife, being the only woman and human who loves his creation, can only sit by a man’s ego so big in silent appreciation.

The wife learns with him. It’s all a joke on your palm! Look at this big, glowing pearl I got for you from the city, wife! And Madam Gum Tso, the woman I was about to have an affair with: you care too much about aesthetics it backfires in your fucking face, beautiful.

No colour, no features; faceless and invincible. She’s a representation of a facade of hatred so deep, for she can masquerade as anybody but himself. She can fool the world but a man’s heart. After all, it is a forbidden cop with a bag of tricks that aren’t good nor big, just inventive with love and longing; useful in a never-ending fight between earth and fire. Who won? We can become ashes and soil at the same time. Things do co-exist in our best interest.