Can Growth Mindset Turn a Caterpillar into a Human Butterfly?

When the first generation of iPhone came out, it was a celebration on all levels. What used to be fantasy is now reality. Old was once young, and young will become old. Are these two concepts interchangeable? What is the point I am arriving at?

Certain traits cannot be overcome, only understood
In truth, everyone wants to be better. But our biological make-up is genetically rooted at birth, and fundamental traits are impossible to overcome. It’s important to learn self-love first before contemplating and attempting transformation. Kiss your wound.

Emotional management and awareness: Understanding what you need and healing from the past on a psychological and energetic level.

The problem with transformation
One of the biggest downfalls in our current system is its rigidity to explore outside industrial standards. If a domain of knowledge has no applicability, it is almost immediately deemed useless. Resources are unequally distributed, and poverty is the biggest challenge and gatekeeper to growth for self-preservation. So, make your economic independence a priority.

Ego development: Transcending the self?

The power of freewill
It would be impossible to speak about changing our environment without first addressing the limitation of our biological traits and the existence of freewill. After the fall of empires, churches and now democracy, what will bring humans closer to the truth? No more ads, no more competition. An image that isn’t built on authenticity is meant to crumble, and transparent, heartfelt communication will prevail.

Neuroscience and groupthink: chemical animals and social creatures.